1. Use to define and assign weekly reading on a topic. Have students reflect on the reading and discuss.  Grab the RSS feed of the topic you want your students to follow and use an RSS feed widget in your course blog to display it.

2. Students can organize their research on a particular topic by taking advantage of a curation tool.   Research for term papers to dissertations could be organized and shared this way.

3. Provide links as an option for additional external resources for your course material by using a widget in your website displaying the RSS fed links.

4. Gather content and then have students discuss, compare, contrast.

5. Have students do research using a group curation tool.

Groovy example of group curation, this one has 47 members contributing:

Curation in Tom Foremski (foremski)


Finally, even more content curation tools!  Some of which I mentioned in my previous post.